Busy mom? Breaking your tight schedule to create time for your kids

Busy mom? Breaking your tight schedule to create time for your kids

Breaking your tight schedule as a busy mom is the best way to keep close eye on your kids to train them and it requires adequate planning. Although, it is well known that working moms run a busy and tight schedule, breaking it has different challenges and difficulties. This experience occurs among moms that runs a full day job. Leaving home by 7 am to go to work and returning by 7 pm is tiring and trying to fix some home chores after a busy day give moms no time to properly attend to their kids. As a result of this, busy moms tend to hire nannies and housemaids.

Kids spend more time with nannies and housemaids which is not the best because there will be a lot of things you will not be able to monitor and correct as your kids grow. Children need proper attention, training and care as they are considered fragile at that phase of life. It is like having a mirror that is not properly kept or well-placed leading to its shattering. When you create time for your kids, care for them and train them well, you will be able to know everything about them without keeping any secret from you, thereby becoming a better adult in future.


There are different ways that you can employ to break tight schedule and create time for your kids.

Plan your day

Each day is unique and comes with its challenges. How a day is planned determines how you spend your time. Proper day planning will assist you to manage your time more effectively and helps to reduce stress making you to be in full control of your life. It also helps to regulate one and take note of the things you need to do as well as the things you have done. When planning your day, schedule your kids in. You cannot work all day; little time can be squeezed out of no time for the kids. Kids need parental care and guidance. Whenever you get home from work, try to spend at least 15 minutes playing with them before dinner. What a busy mom with a “day plan” did was to write and highlight “playtime with little/big K” on her to do list and made it an important part of the day.

Let kids assist with chores

There are some chores that cannot be neglected and you have so much work to do. Just get your kids involved. They can help you to do little things that they can handle. Incorporating this helps you spend time together while tackling your to-dos. Cooking in the presence of kids is a fun way to spend quality time with them, you will get chance to chat and laugh with them. This method also assists in teaching kids responsibility. If the kids are still very young to assist with chores, engage them by singing nursery rhymes while you continue your business. It makes them feel they are getting all the attention.

Eat together

Eat dinner together as a family since there will be no rushing to go to work. Use the period to listen to music and chat after eating.

Unique bedtime routine

The most precious time is the bedtime. This period can be used to tell stories, relax, talk and read together. You can even introduce your kid to your childhood favorites. Reading together have different benefits which includes, improving your child’s reading/listening skills, boosts communication skills, builds vocabulary and makes your child love and crave for reading.

In need of your attention? Say YES

Whenever kids need your attention, just ignore whatever you are doing if it is possible and attend to them or just give them a specific time within the request range. This makes them feel happy knowing that “my mom will always attend to me” and makes them tolerant knowing that even though they have to wait for few minutes, they will be attended to. Make kids know that they are special and important to you.

Use the little moment

Quality time is not about hours but little moment. That little moment you and your kids are together preparing to go out or during bedtime should be maximized. It could be just 5 or 10 minutes. That moment means a lot.

Participate together

Each child has special interest and your kids may be involved in some type of activity. Get to know their interest and play their games. It could be sports or dance/music. Involving kids in this form of activities has great benefit including building self-esteem and improving social skills. Joining your kids in the activities establishes a bond between you.


Have a fun-filled weekend

You might be so busy during weekdays that you can’t even spare some time because of office and evening meetings. Weekend is another good time to bond with kids. Make it full of fun by planning fun excursions to places of attraction, go out on a date and allow your kids to pick a particular venue. You can also stay at home to make special meals such as baking or cooking your kids favorite or play games. Even if you are so busy during the week and you make weekends fun filled, your children will know and understand that they will spend time with mom in the weekend.




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