Pressure is an intimidation or a force. Peer Pressure is the influence on a peer group,  individual or observer exerts that encourages others to change their attitudes and values to conform to groups. Peers have great influence on manners during adolescence, and as such, peer pressure is being referred to as the pivotal feature of the adolescent experience. Appearance, style, taste, ideology, values and the likes are the most prominent conformity in youth. There is the likelihood of a person wanting to belong or not wanting to belong to these groups. Peer pressure is most times accompanied with adolescent risk taking such as drug abuse, sexual performance, dressing, reckless driving, examination malpractice and the likes. The demand for peers decreases upon entering adulthood.

In other words, peer pressure is not far-fetched among the single youths of today.  The singlehood period is very delicate and rewarding at the same time, only if lived well. Singles are faced with diverse pressures which range from parental to peers, as well as the pressure from subordinates. Hence, the battle! No single youth would want to be left out of what is trending in the society.

Peer pressure as said earlier is always accompanied with pre-marital sex, examination malpractice, amongst other social vices.In fact, Sex is good and was commissioned by God, but when it is done outside the plan and purpose of God for it, it becomes bad. We bring God pleasure the most when we reproduce and multiply after God’s kind and this can only be achieved through marriage.

When singles have sex outside marriage, it’s a practice of sin, because it’s against the plan and purpose of God. Same goes for examination malpractice; because God has given us the wisdom to be able to accomplish every assignment hat crosses our way. The devil deceives a youth to think that he doesn’t have the capacity to succeed on his/her own.



Dearly beloved single; let this mind be in you that you were not mass-produced by GOD, but uniquely created and purposely designed by GOD.

This is the first way to deal with peer pressure! The pressure will surely come, but it would only be knocking, it won’t be able to have access into your heart, let alone feasting and making its abode in you when you know your worth before GOD.

Associate with people of like mind. By this, your friends of like mind will be able to guide and protect you when pressure comes from outside of your group.

I look forward to seeing you at the top!



Engraced Richard Omole is a writer and the owner of Engraced Writing Institute.  He has passion for youths especially motivating them to attain a greater height. He is the author of “Grace, word of righteousness: To empower the simple minded. Twitter @engracedK, engracedK.wordpress.com

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